Wednesday, June 9, 2010

What Would Google Do? What would do?

I have been reading a book titled What Would Google Do (WWGD) by Jeff Jarvis and I just finished Beyond the Cloud by Marc Benioff (CEO and Founder of The two books have changed my outlook on life, yes life. Our work/jobs are a major part of our lives. We spend more time at work than with our families. Shouldn’t it be the other way around? What if we had a job that paid for what we did versus how many hours you sit at a desk? What if you could spend more time with your family versus time at work or on the blackberry? No I am not preaching AMWAY –however they could be come a potential customer of mine –scratch that---ours!

Why do I say ours? Well, in the spirit of WWJD –I asked What Would Google Do?

Google would inspire collaboration as to what the company should produce, how many hours the work week would be, who they should hire, what soft drinks or juices to stock in the kitchens, the mission of the company, the structure, and etc. We are talking about total collaboration as a means to build a company. Let's build something great!

So my future employees –scratch that----co-workers--scratch that--- my new friends!
Friends, I like that! So my future friends ----what kind of company do you want to build? Our company is called MobyApp.Mobi, Inc. Please comment and present your ideas here! Pass along to friends –let’s go viral!!


Sachin said...

The ideal work environment:

0. Free soda and a good coffee machine

1. Buzzers that go off automatically when a meeting exceeds 30 minutes. Curfew on meetings scheduled before lunch.

2. Choice of laptop+OS

3. Direct interface of customers-developers at least while the company is small, instead of using a proxy.

4. Avoidance of VCs for as long as possible so that there isn't any interference during the early phase.

5. Organic growth so that the company culture gets passed on to new hires.

Jerry Rhoads said...

YES to all! Back in the day Apple used to have a Smoothie Bar -- Smoothies are my fav! Thanks for the input!