Saturday, June 5, 2010

I love Apple, AT&T not so much

The iPhone 4.0 is coming and I am sooo ready for it. The new OS supports multi-tasking, front facing camera, better battery and more. Problem is that AT&T changed their rates for new iPhone/PDA users. AT&T no longer offers unlimited data plans. So the big question is: When I upgrade to the new iPhone 4.0, Will I be treated as a new iPhone/PDA user? Will my contract grandfather over?

If I need to get a new contract, I may have to go to Verizon for the Droid or an Android OS phone. 200MB or 2GB is not enough, and I only dev on my MAC --meaning I really don't use a PC or MAC anymore. All my Internet usage is via the iphone! I do sync from time to time, as I don't want to lose my songs and apps. All my songs and apps are downloaded via 3G, not from my MAC. If I am in the car and I Shazam a song --I download it right then and there.

I really love my iPhone and I am developing Apps for the iPhone. The apps I am building require Internet access and there aren't enough free WIFI hotspots around. I am discovering this sad fact with my non 3G model iPad. As an iPhone developer I am seeing my future new customers going to Google versus dealing with AT&T. Since my lively hood is the iPhone, I may have to put on my JAVA hat and focus on Android and the Chrome OS.

Apple is back on top after a long hiatus, however if history repeats itself --Apple may loose their spot as Mobile King to Google.

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