Monday, June 7, 2010

Google says "Do No Evil", and I will do no Evil

I've been thinking about my new company and I have lots of ideas. Many center around what do I want to develop, who do I want to hire, how big can MobyApp.Mobi become, how to apply the's 1-1-1 principal to, serving smoothies in break rooms, employee stock options, IPO, and others.

Wow, my brain is on overtime and my advise to myself is What Would Google Do (WWGD)? They would Do No Evil. I want to touch people's lives. People will want to work for...scratch with We will be 1 transparent team, 1 transparent mission, 1 voice, 1 family devoted to making our lives and our world a happier place.

Do you know we spend more hours with co-workers than family? What if you didn't like your work, your co-workers, the company's mission --whatever--fill in the blank. We are going to change that: will be a place that centers on the employee, their family, and their morals. We will work together and be happy doing it!

So who wants a job? Pay is lousy, however I make a great smoothie!

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