Monday, May 19, 2008

The Business Value(s) of Social Networking Sites

Recently an EMIS team member posed the question of "What is the business value of social networking" (thank you Tom). How does IBM or the Government use a site like LinkedIn ( or FaceBook ( as a business tool?

Currently we [the people] gain the value. We do our LinkedIn and FaceBook activities, and maybe click on a partner's link and buy something. These sites are very popular as millions use them. So how can social networking sites (or the idea for an internal social networking site) be beneficial to companies like IBM?

I am thinking along the lines of a Knowledge Management (KM) tool. (hmmmm me thinks me have an idea for my Capstone project)



Brandi said...

I actually like the dark background and chose it for my personal site. Seems like everyone else is afraid of it. :)

TommyBoy said...

I like LinkedIn. Very cool way to keep in touch with business contacts. Suddenly I find myself in contact with people I have not spoken with in over ten years.
Never heard of anyone that got a job from a contact they met via their network. Does anyone know if that has happened?

Anil Chandel said...

Me too. I was recently pinged by one of my grade school classmates on LinkedIn. Then, I found another one. These are guys I haven't had any contact with since 1988 or one of them 1992 :)

Matthew Welsh said...

Just posted an article on how IBM uses Social networking. Pretty good article. Check it out.