Thursday, May 22, 2008

RSS Week 1

Hi all,

Here are a few articles of interest I read in my RSS reader on Google. This week my interests were peaked with the following:

China to encroach on India's offshoring turf?

Seems China is going after India's offshoring market. I remember doing something in Dr. Money's class. India is more mature in its CMMi than China --but time will tell. With the dollar being so low these days, maybe we can get China and India to offshore here --LOL!!

The CIO as Mind Reader

Here is a blurb from the CIO Web Blog:

"It seems pretty widely accepted in CIO circles that much of the bad rap that often accrues to IT comes not so much from the IT department (although IT people certainly have their failings) as from other parts of the business ascribing mystical qualities of perception and capability to the IT department. "Just make this work," is a not infrequent demand. Many executives don't want to hear about the complications, don't want to put the time into evaluating process, and have a misguided expectation that technology is a global panacea which can solve all business problems." --Nick Malick

Doesn't this sound so familar? When spec'ing out a system, include the system administrator as part of the O & M costs! If the I.T folks are busy atleast 70% percent of the time and we are bringing in another system -- ask the question, who is going to take of it?!

"Just make this work" idea needs to leave the workplace i.e. understand your domain and you will have better control of it!

Technology is easy, it's the people that gets us into trouble! --Me, I just made it up @ 8:57am today

Monday, May 19, 2008

The Business Value(s) of Social Networking Sites

Recently an EMIS team member posed the question of "What is the business value of social networking" (thank you Tom). How does IBM or the Government use a site like LinkedIn ( or FaceBook ( as a business tool?

Currently we [the people] gain the value. We do our LinkedIn and FaceBook activities, and maybe click on a partner's link and buy something. These sites are very popular as millions use them. So how can social networking sites (or the idea for an internal social networking site) be beneficial to companies like IBM?

I am thinking along the lines of a Knowledge Management (KM) tool. (hmmmm me thinks me have an idea for my Capstone project)