Thursday, June 25, 2009

Funny and Scary, AFL-CIO Hard Hats made in China

AFL-CIO Hard Hats

The AFL-CIO is passing around these hard hats today to every office on Capitol Hill. Check out where they're made, China! Check out the a the story here AFL-CIO Hard Hats. I think this is pretty sad, a union telling people to buy American and yet they bought a product made in China. As I read the story, I paged down to read the associated blog. All I can say is wow! I have included some of the posts in order to make some comments.
Here is a comment from We Made a Mistake and he writes:

"What hypocrisy. 50 years ago the U.S. was the world leader in machine tools, electronics, steel, autos and aircraft. The unions destroyed all of them with their demands, demands, demands and never compromising demands. I am going to be amused at watching them along with President Narcissist destroy Chrysler and GM. My guess is, even after destroying them, they will blame Bush....anyone but themselves. Sounds just like a liberal's way of thinking."
Another posted by Yo How Is It Working writes:

"Ya - I guess Unions are to blame - not the fact that we have sold off all of America's manufacturing base and sold our souls in order to get the cheapest products from 3rd world countries paying $.50 per hr to workers just so we can save a buck. Look at our economy - how is it working out so far folks! But you keep blaming the few American middle class workers that get a fair wage and benefits - we should all work for Wal-Mart and Mickey D's and sell crap from China - There's a plan huh!"
Lastly I will paste in Sparks comments:

"You people are lost. Yes there are bad and good in unions but every American can thank the unions for living wages and health care. Have they gone to far? Yes in some cases but unions are for and by the employees. You blame the unions but the employees are the unions they vote the contracts not the union reps. Should a CEO make 100 mil a year while his employee makes min wage. I think not. Greed at the highest levels has caused this country's problems not the unions."

For those of you who read the full article, you have read the negative comments against Unions and against Corporate America. You know what? They are both right and they are both wrong. These days the Unions are headed by Corporate Executives (and Lawyers) who have a similar work ethic of those from AIG --greed. It is my opinion that difference between a Billionaire and a Millionaire are the bragging rights! Hence there is plenty of money to go around!
I believe corporate executives should make millions, provided they made the millions for their company --i.e. bring something to the table. Anybody can perform layoffs, keep the lights on and overwork their workforce to turn a profit --it is not rocket science! I wouldn't pay that kind of person more than 100K.
However, it is hard, very hard to change a company from bankruptcy to profitability without innovation and change. I think unions can be part of the profitability strategy to change a company's fortune. Unions can change and they can help bring the industry back to America.
As you know, I always say, IT is about the people. This holds true for any industry! Some say Unions had their place i.e. workers rights, safety, fair wages and etc. Well times have changed and I don't see the sweat shops of the 19th century returning any time soon.
Unions need to change with the times, upping the ante every time the union contract is up for vote --isn't working. Corporations will not tolerate it and they are moving overseas. Just as we need to pay executives their true worth, we need to pay labor its true worth. The point I am trying to make, is if you want to make $75 an hour in labor or millions in management --earn your keep and bring something to justify the dollars. Let's make unions competitive and hold the workers accountable.
Unions need to stop protecting the problem children, fire them and move on! (Same holds for bad executives) Unions need to find a ways to meet labor shortages when the economy is booming. They should act almost like a contractor putting their best employees forward (not saying all contractors do). I think unions can be part of the solution, not the problem.
Lastly, corporate boards need to limit executive compensation. Remember it is people who put a company's health at risk, and it is people from both sides of the bargaining table who can fix the company. Let's fix industry before we are all unemployed.

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