Monday, June 22, 2009

The Job of CIO

The CIO roles have changed over the last 2 decades and the number of corporate CIO’s are increasing. The CIO's job roles and responsibilities have been shifting from the paradigm of technical business (data processing) to the role of “knowledge” management. CIOs are at the center of the reengineering that is taking place in global economy. The job of the CIO has been redefined from IT technical planning and implementation to corporate strategic planning. Today’s CIO incorporates a holistic approach to the IT function to ensure seamless delivery and support for the company’s business strategy. In addition to the traditional CIO job responsibilities, the CIO now manages business process streamlining and restructuring; negotiates smart outsourcing agreements, and finds innovative ways for IT to advance the business objectives of the company through technology. CIOs are building relationships with their senior management teams, and they are adding value to their organizations versus the day to day operations and the management financial systems.

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