Thursday, April 29, 2010


I just incorporated MobyApp.Mobi in Nevada! Well ok, I started the process with BlumbergExcelsior, should be a corporation within a week --wish me luck! Let me tell you it has been an exciting two weeks, hence I have been radio silent on the blog.

My biz partner Lin and I have been defining goals and working aggressively to meet them (i.e. a business plan). So far we are on track. Next on the list is trademarking our logo --I will post it once it is official. Our company will develop applications for the iPhone and iPad. Sounds exciting? Do you want a job? We are looking for Objective C and Cocoa developers.

On another note I picked up a book titled "Beyond the Cloud". It is written by CEO and Founder of, Marc Benioff (my new hero and unofficial mentor). The book is about how Marc dreamed up the concept to deliver a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system delivered via the Internet cloud. His company,, is empowered by a belief that no software should be loaded on a PC or an internal server farm. I totally agree, Software as a Service, or SaaS, is the way of the future.

I believe that most IT departments come in two flavors. Big, bloated and broken i.e. too many of the people, or fiefdoms, and too many processes (think sand on the gears). The other type of IT department is flat broke i.e. no people (or the wrong people) and a lack of process. Either way these IT departments are not delivering a value add to their companies or their primary mission.

Hark! There is light at the end of the tunnel and I have a plan for these IT departments. SaaS! Saas will reduce delivery times for the big departments and it will deliver an instant value for the money strapped departments.

Now before everyone chimes in about control and security -let me ask you some questions.

1. How many of you do online banking, even if only to check your balance?
2. How many of you carry a cell phone, do you own your own telecom company?
3. Do you use electricity, if so do you generate it or plug into the national electricity grid?
4. Do you use Facebook, LinkedIn, Salesforce, Pandora, iTunes, Nabster, and
5. Besides an Office Suite of applications, what other software is loaded on your PC or Mac? Do you use the other software? Hint Solitaire doesn’t count!

Well, guess what? Many of you are in the cloud. See these are just a few questions to start exercising our minds in order to really look at doing business within the cloud.

Once upon a time, factories generated their own power. Then the power grid came along. Many companies did not trust the new grid, they said things like I don't own it, I can't trust it, it is not reliable, it is not secure, and etc. I do not know of any company or factory that generates power today (unless they are the electric company). Almost everyone uses the grid!

Same holds true for the cloud, not today, tomorrow almost all of us will use the cloud (or the IT Grid as I like to call it). Most CIO’s will rebuke the cloud, some will embrace it. We truly need to “think different” as Steve Jobs often points out.

Lastly, check out this article by Marc Benioff.

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