Tuesday, April 13, 2010

I Love my iPad

This is truly a paradigm change or in the words of my boss -- a game changer. Years ago I was on a forum (you know before there were blogs) and a guy posted how he loved Windows CE and wished he could use it on his PC versus Windows 95. I thought yes, Windows CE is stable, but what about applications? How could a PDA be better than Windows 95. Stable --Yes, practical --No! Crazy, I tell ya.....I didn't know I'd eat those words one day.

Now fast forward to 2010 and we have the iPad. Some have called it a big iPhone and I said to myself --well yeah!! Hmmm, those words are tasty. See when I first got my iPhone 2g in 2007, I stopped using my MacBook and my Windows PC. I would pick up my full computer to play with the SDK and take advantage of the full browser.

All my applications, except MS Office, were then (and now) --in the cloud. Now all I need is MS Office in the cloud and I am set --oh, wait Windows Office Live is in the cloud!!

Desktops are dead....computers are for the scientists and geeks. Netbooks, iPads, and Google Chrome for all!!! Just kidding, let's do what I call Keep it Simple Computing (or KISC), a light weight OS device plugged into the public and private cloud.

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