Saturday, July 5, 2008

Tape Storage Gets a Makeover with New 1TB Devices

IBM and Sun Microsystems have unveiled new tape-drive products that promise to break the 1TB-capacity barrier. IBM's System Storage TS1130, which supports drive-based data encryption, will debut in September, while Sun Microsystem's StorageTek T10000B tape drive, which achieves a maximum date rate of 120MB per second, will launch this month.

The business world has long relied on tape storage as a cost-effective medium for protecting critical business data from becoming lost due to system failure, operator errors, theft and natural disasters. The good news for many enterprises is that an aging technology that has long lain dormant is once again springing back to life through the launch of new products spanning the small to very large business environments.
For example, it is significant that both IBM and Sun Microsystems have unveiled new tape-drive products this month that promise to break the one-terabyte-capacity barrier. Moreover, HP and Sony now say they will be partnering in the creation of a next-generation Digital Audio Tape (DAT) format that will deliver improved performance and capacity over current DAT tape offerings.

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