Monday, February 14, 2011

Microsoft targets the cloud --now they want your phone too!

This just in from CNN (CNN) – “Nokia, the world's largest-volume cell phone maker, and software giant Microsoft are joining forces”.

The Symbian OS from Nokia has shown versatility, but it hasn't aged well. The system is criticized for being clunky and especially awkward in an increasingly touchscreen-focused environment. As part of a new agreement, Nokia will adopt the Windows Phone OS as its choice smartphone platform, and Bing will become the default search engine on all of Nokia's phones.

Nokia will provide services such as mapping programs and other software to help flesh out Microsoft's offerings, as well as leverage the handset giant's relationships with cellular carriers. Looks like Microsoft has given up on taking on Google Search on the desktop and moving after Mobile search. I think moble computing is going to heat up over the next few years --not like its hot enough!!!

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