Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Life in the Cloud

Today I am in the cloud. Literally, I am emailing via my email account, rocking out to Pandora Radio, and creating a tech visio-like drawing via If my iPad did flash or Gliffy did HTML5, I wouldn't need a computer. If I was using Cisco's CIUS tablet device, based on the Android OS, I would be able to do my Gliffy drawing.

My thoughts on Mobile computing are two fold:

1. We are just beginning to realize the benefits of mobile devices (phones & tablets)
2. The cloud will be the back end to these new Mobile computing devices

I think we are where the PC (actually the Apple) was in 1983. In 1983 PC's were for games and small office use. IBM (the only big computer company) didn't see them as a threat their fleet of "Big Iron" (Mainframes and Mini-Computers). It is 2010, the PC's and their Intel Servers run the [office] world.

Click here to check out (a very young) Steve Jobs Keynote address circa 1983!

What will 2015 look like? After watching a very young Steve Jobs explain how "Big Iron" missed it with Xerography --Xerox, fumbled on Mini-Computers --DEC, lost the PC (and PC Servers) to Apple and the gang of nine (HP and Friends).

The cloud and the mobile devices are the next big thing --like the PC, they too have their naysayers.

Are you a naysayer?

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