Wednesday, February 24, 2010

What happened to my Comic Book collection? Comic Books in the Cloud!?!

I remember reading about books going the way of the dodo bird. Looks like the iPad is going after the Kindle market in a way no-one would have ever thought --Comic Books. Neat huh? Actually this is very a smart concept in regards to cloud computing. I call it in the Pepsi approach to Paradigm

Back in the day (mid to late 80’s), Pepsi had a tough time beating out Coca-Cola or Coke. This was after the Pepsi challenge successfully demonstrated that Pepsi tasted better than Coke. So, why was Coke number 1? In a word, Paradigm --people do not like change. Pepsi was took a new approach; they changed their slogan to “Pepsi, the choice of a new generation". Hence they went after the kids –me. See the adults wouldn’t change their Paradigm, Pepsi realized that kids grow up and buy things –like a Pepsi Cola. Now as I approach 40, I buy a lot of Pepsi and my Kids drink it. My Parents and Grandparents are Coke fans. So why is this article on my Techie Blog?

Well, you see many are skeptical of Cloud Computing. So Apple is going after the media outlets –i.e the young and the young at heart. Remember I was a kid when I started drinking Pepsi, hence I had no paradigm or bias towards Coke --as an adult I drink Pepsi. Apple is doing the same in regards to Cloud Computing. They are going after the young tech newbies and creating a brand. Apple realized that the PC is dead. Sure there will be servers, as they are the backbone of the Cloud. However, the PC on your desk will be a thing of the past. The question is what will the workstation [or Cloud Device] of the future be?


Justin said...

I think this is an excellent market for Apple to seek out. However, I don't buy that the cloud will consume everything. Actually, Apple may in fact hurt their chances by moving into the cloud with the iPad. Apple is notoriously over-priced for their products, and the iPad is most certainly no exception. The price model they are using will only attract individuals with the extra income, or yuppies who are so addicted to Apple that they would buy something entitled iCrud if it was a convincing aronym (Computer Revolutionizing User Design... there ya go).

Pepsi brought people over because they could offer the kids a better product at the same price. But college students and the targetable market who save for the MacBook, the iPhone, the iPod, iPod Touch... now there's another iDevice? I feel that Apple's pricing model is quickly becoming the iCantAffordThis.

Jerry Rhoads EMIS said...

Justin, True dat on the iCantAfford this! And I agree the cloud has its issues, so do Windows Servers, Adobe Acrobat, and other products --and we still use them. What the industry is focusing on is the Cloud concept or a limited footprint in an Organization. For instance at my place of employment, we are building a "cloud" using IBM WebSphere, making communications with other systems a "service" that we provide. New applications will take advantage of these services --hence they do not have to develop these interfaces. What I propose is taking it one step further and eliminate or reduce the desktop computer as we can take advantage of exiting services (cloud programs) --be they on the net or in our datacenter. Seems that this is the way the industry is going with Google Chrome, iPad/touch/phone and today Dell just stepped into the arena! We are looking at a true Paradigm shift.