Thursday, December 10, 2009

You can call me Dr. Rhoads (one day)

What? Yeah I am going to pursue a PhD to forgo my student loans! All kidding aside, why do I want to pursue a PhD and on what subject?

I am going to do my dissertation on IT Right Staffing. Remember IT is about the people! (Check out the hyper link and read it) The dissertation will focus on designing a functional organizational chart, with the necessary education and skillets of the positions.

I am going to focus on everything from Helpdesks/Service desks to Project Management Offices and everything in between such as Engineering and Operations up through [Enterprise]Architecture. They [Engineering and Operations] are not the same as many non-technical managers seem to believe i.e. Engineers design and Operators operate and fix!

To give you a little idea on what I am doing research on (and writing about): For example, I am going to focus on what an Operator and an Engineer are. An Operator will have some college and certifications as well as a break/fix mindset (hence the cowboy). An Engineer’s mindset should be one of “how do I design this to never break”, they must have a B.S. Computer Science and (should have) a M.S. in Computer Science or Information Systems.

Computer Science degree = techi. Information Systems grads are not techies, they manage them! This is very important to remember when sizing your management and technical teams.

So this is a little taste of what I will be working on. Wish me luck!!

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