Friday, January 9, 2009

I feel like Blogging

Hmmmm...soooo much to say! Well now that I have all this time, what will I do? As you know I am a techie of sorts (nah really EMIS Techies?), and I love to use FaceBook and MySpace --well mostly FaceBook. I plan to make my millions off social networking and I have two ideas in the pot (not going to post them just yet). Besides have to work on the NDA's and other stuff with my attorney. That reminds me I need to call her so I can get out of the ticket that I got on the last day of class. Hey EMIS 18 remember my 79 in a 55 reckless driving ticket? So anyways back to whatever the hell I am talking about....Social Networking!

Social Networking is great, it is a Web 2.0 technology that you are using right now by reading my blog! WOW!! I like FaceBook because I can tie my blog and the other components of my [online] life into one place. FaceBook can even help with my "dating" activities. One app in particular, "Are You Interested" is pretty handy. However be warned, it is like singles night at the [insert bar name here] lots of different people out there. Being the social Juggernaut (Libra) I am, I love to meet people and don't expect anything from it. However when did we as human beings cease to be human beings? Why am I posting this on my techie blog?

Well here is the scoop. I was just defriended on FaceBook by an "online friend" (well she is not my friend anymore,LOL). I don't know why as she will not return my calls or text messages. Her loss, not mine --sorry if that sounds arrogant...actually I am not :(. However in the business world we do the same things in regards to behavior. When did email become the norm and the phone become nonexistent.

How did IM and email replace the water cooler chats? We have become just as siloed at work as we are at the malls. How can we use technology at work and still keep that human feeling? Working in a CIO's shop, I have found [that] we are very siloed i.e. we do not talk to each another! Who can blame others for not engaging us [for their IT needs], when we will not engage each other. Maybe we need to start picking up the phone or taking a walk into someones office. Maybe we could take a note from the smokers as they speak to each other while on break!

Who knows, technology is a good thing --however it is not the end all be all! If you have something to say, say it --don't hide behind a computer!

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